Traumatic Incident Reduction Workshop

What does the Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) workshop cover?

  • The nature of trauma
  • The consequences of traumatic incidents
  • How past traumas may be triggered (re-activated)
  • How unwanted feelings, emotions, sensations, attitudes, and pains (“themes”) arise from past trauma, may be traced back to their origins, and eliminated
  • The Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) technique: an effective approach to fully resolving the emotional charge caused by traumas in a brief amount of time
  • The Unblocking technique, highly useful in preparing a client for TIR and for handling broader issues such as relationships, self-esteem, career, etc.

Who can benefit from attending this workshop?

  • Mental health professionals (clinical mental health counselors, social workers, marriage and family counselors…)
  • Master’s degree students within the helping professions
  • Recent graduates looking to start their own practices or gain skills for internships
  • First responders (military, police, firefighters, paramedics…)
  • Medical professionals (ER personnel, nurses, physician’s assistants…)
  • Hospice and palliative care personnel 
  • Clergy and religious counselors
  • Teachers 
  • Parents
  • And more…