Introduction to Applied Metapsychology

What is Applied Metapsychology?

  • Applied Metapsychology is the application of structured techniques within a person-centered context. Its designed to permit a person to examine his or her life, mind, emotions, experiences (including traumatic experiences), decisions, fixed ideas, and successes, to resolve areas of emotional charge and return to a more productive and satisfying life.
  • It brings about a more rapid and complete resolution of traumatic stress caused by all types of traumatic events such as:
    • Injuries
    • Accidents
    • Emotional and physical shocks
    • Illnesses
    • Losses (loss of a loved one, relationship, job, career, dreams…)
  • It provides an effective method to address problematic life issues such as:
    • Relationship difficulties
    • Low self-esteem or self-confidence
    • Career problems
    • Loss of vitality and enthusiasm
  • It helps clients move beyond normal level of functioning and feeling relatively “ok”. 
  • It ignites real personal growth and self-actualization
  • It helps expand and amplify human potential

Who can benefit from learning these techniques?

  • Mental health professionals (clinical mental health counselors, social workers, marriage and family counselors…)
  • Master’s degree students within the helping professions
  • Recent graduates looking to start their own practices or gain skills for internships
  • First responders (military, police, firefighters, paramedics…)
  • Medical professionals (ER personnel, nurses, physician’s assistants…)
  • Hospice and palliative care personnel 
  • Clergy and religious counselors
  • Teachers 
  • Parents
  • And more…

As described by Applied Metapsychology International - https://www.thelifedepot.com/zbwu